Portrait Illustrations - International Women

Recently when I was reviewing my own portfolio I realised that a lot of my portraits and illustrations were of the same type of people, doing the same type of things, wearing the same type of clothes… So I decided to create a series of illustrated portraits inspired by different (and potentially under-represented) countries. I captured women in their traditional outfits, with traditional hairstyles/makeup to highlight beauty around the world. I have also chosen colours to represent each nation and although there are varying interpretations for the meaning behind these colours within their cultures, I have detailed some ideas below…

Indian woman portrait illustration


Green is featured on the Indian flag. It is said to represent growth, the harvest and fertility.

Chinese woman portrait illustration


Red features on the Chinese flag and it is a hugely popular colour there. This is probably because it is said to represent luck, wealth and beauty.

Russian woman portrait illustration


The blue in the Russian flag is said to represent the monarchy, however some people also say it is there to symbolise faithfulness and honesty.

Nigerian woman portrait illustration


Although purple doesn’t feature on the Nigerian flag, it is still chosen by many for weddings. This is because it is said to symbolise prestige and wealth. It is often combined with gold to represent extravagance.